Milwaukee 0920-29 V18 18-Volt Lithium Ion 4-Pack Combo Kit

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Product Information / Description

Milwaukee 0920-29 V18 18-Volt Lithium Ion 4-Pack Combo Kit

Milwaukee 0920-29 V18 18-Volt Lithium Ion 4-Pack Combo Kit Rating:
List Price: $1,140.00
Sale Price: $505.00
Availability: unspecified

Product Description

A great professional cordless tool kit. 18 volt Lithium-Ion has the best power-to-weight ratio of any cordless tool and now Milwaukee durability is available in 18 volts and is backed up by a 5-year warranty, the best in the industry. My favorite aspect about Milwaukee Lithium-Ion cordless tools is the "fuel gauge." The "fuel gauge," as they’re calling it, indicates how much battery power is left in the battery, as well as when you need to recharge it. Lithium-Ion batteries do not dissipate their charge like their NiCad cousins. A fully charged, unused NiCad battery will dissipate 20% in 24 hours, where as a Lithium-Ion will only dissipate 1 percent to 2 percent in the same time period. Also, a Lithium-Ion battery will give the tool optimum 18-volt power, until recharge time, when the power output will noticeably drop off suddenly. A fresh NiCad battery will only provide 18-volt power at the beginning and will "fade" in power steadily until recharge time. Do yourself a favor and go Lithium.

Recip Saw
This recip saw, also called "sawzall," after the first one developed many years ago by Milwaukee, has a two-finger trigger and anti-slip rubber grips over the front housing and the handle. This powerful tool has variable speeds, trigger lock-on and an adjustable shoe to extend blade life. This recip saw cuts fast (2,700 strokes per minute) and has a 1-1/8-inch stroke length. Vibration is also low, which makes it more comfortable to use. This 18-volt sawzall has an overload protection clutch to protect the tool during heavy-duty use and a tool-less blade clamp for ease in changing blades. It has a tool-free adjustable shoe to extend blade life and depth-of-cut-control. The balance is a bit off, but when demo-ing with a recip saw, balance is last on your mind. It’s light enough not to cause extra fatigue due to a front-heavy design. The handle doesn’t have enough room, when using the bulkier type of work gloves. If you use a tight-fitting glove, you should have ample room to work comfortably.

Circular Saw
This powerful and fast 6-½-inch cordless saw has a responsive blade brake and a 50 degree bevel. The blade guard has a lower lip to catch on the front edge of lumber during bevel cuts, so it retracts as the cut progresses, instead of getting caught and stalling the cut.

Hammer Drill
This powerful hammer drill boasts 450 in./lbs. of torque and has a ½-inch chuck with ratcheting carbide jaws to securely clamp the bit when drilling and driving. There is nothing more annoying than to have to stop drilling just to retighten the bit in the chuck. This tool drills faster than most, has anti-slip rubber grips and heavy-duty bit storage on either side of the tool. It feels nice in the hand, but is a bit heavy for a Lithium-Ion tool. This is a very nice drill to use and will conquer any task you throw at it.

The light has a long-life, and a very bright Xenon bulb. A nice feature is a belt clip on the light itself, as well as a swivel head for adjusting the light to any angle. There’s even a spare bulb under the lens cap! This is a great feature. I can’t believe no one has thought of this before. It can take weeks to find the time to order a new bulb. Every work light should have an extra bulb. -- Gabriel Shantara Ford


  • 18-volt lithium ion combo kit with reciprocating saw, circular saw, hammer drill, and worklight
  • Circular saw runs maxmum 3200 rpm; sawzall recip saw delivers up to 2700 strokes per minute; dril offers 450-inch-pounds of torque
  • 18-volt batteries fit existing Milwaukee 18-volt Ni-Cad tools; existing 18-volt Ni-Cad batteries will run lithium ion tools
  • Kit includes universal charger, battery, carrying case
  • 5-year warranty

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