DeWalt Heavy-Duty 3/8″ 12V Cordless Compact Drill/Driver Kit

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Product Information / Description

DeWalt Heavy-Duty 3/8" 12V Cordless Compact Drill/Driver Kit

DeWalt Heavy-Duty 3/8" 12V Cordless Compact Drill/Driver Kit Rating:
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Sale Price: $129.00
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Product Description

It is the era of the DIYer and this is the ideal kit for most uses. This DeWalt combo kit features the DC727 12V cordless drill/driver. The compact and lightweight DC727 delivers 350 in-lbs of maximum torque. Comes with a professional grade drill/driver accessory set. Every bit you will need and a excellent set of self centering drill bits. Bits will not walk away from your hole center. The sleeved driver allows you to set and drive fasteners without doing that awkward two hand start that always seems to wobble out of control and lets the screw fly off into the abyss. The Dewalt Heavy Duty 3/8" 12 Volt Cordless Drill/Driver DCDK12 Combo Kit includes: DC727 drill/driver, 1 hour charger, (2) DW9072 12 V battery packs, double-ended screwdriver bit, 40 piece accessory set, and kit box. The 40 piece accessory set includes: PILOT POINT drill bits - 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 7/64, 1/8, 5/32, 3/16, 7/32, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8; Phillips bit tips - (2) #1, (8) #2, (2) #3; Slotted bit tips - (2) #8, #10; Square recess bit tips: #1, (3) #2, (2) 2" #2 Philips power bit; (2) 2" #8 Slotted power bit; (2) 2" #2 Square recess power bit; Magnetic Nutsetters - 1/4, 5/16; Magnetic drive guide; Compact magnetic drive guide; tough case storage container.


  • DC727 - Drill/Driver & 1 Hour Charger
  • (2) DW9072 - 12 V Battery Packs
  • Double-Ended Screwdriver Bit
  • 40 Piece Accessory Set
  • Kit Box

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