DEWALT D55140BN 2-Inch Brad Nailer/1-Gallon Compressor Combo Kit

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Product Information / Description

DEWALT D55140BN 2-Inch Brad Nailer/1-Gallon Compressor Combo Kit

DEWALT D55140BN  2-Inch Brad Nailer/1-Gallon Compressor Combo Kit Rating:
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Product Description

With an 18-gauge brad nailer, an oil-free compressor, and all the fittings you need to get set-up, this kit from DeWalt makes it easy tackle a wide range of finish carpentry and woodworking tasks, from crafting custom furniture to securing molding in place. The nailer can handle 110 straight collated nails from 5/8-inch to 2-inches at a time, and it offers tool-free jam clearing, so a bent or damaged fastener never brings work to a standstill for long. With 360-degree exhaust, a depth adjustment thumb wheel that allows you to pick setting quickly and without any special tools, a low-nail indicator window, an over-molded no-mar pad, and a trigger lock for improved safety, this easy-to-handle tool offers lots of on-the-job convenience.

Featuring a 1-gallon tank and 2.6 Amp motor that delivers a maximum of 135 PSI, high-surge performance, reduced breaker tripping, and quick recovery, the compressor in this kit is surprisingly quiet. And you can count on its durability with details like an oil-free, long-life pump, which ensures smooth, maintenance-free operation that never results in oil spilled on sensitive work surfaces, a thoughtful roll-cage design. At just 24 pounds and nine inches wide, this compact unit is easy to move around the jobsite and to store. It also offers a quick coupler for easy connection to your nailer.


  • .75 SCFM delivered at 90 PSI pump, 1.0 gallon tank and 135 max PSI enables more nails to be fired and provides quicker recovery
  • Durable oil free pump provides extended maintenance-free operation
  • 71 dBA operational noise level for a quieter work environment
  • Roll cage and control panel provide protection to key compressor components
  • Low 2.6 amp draw motor provides easy start-up and reduces breaker tripping Lightweight (24 lbs), thin (9.0-inch) and compact design is easy to carry and store

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2 Responses to “DEWALT D55140BN 2-Inch Brad Nailer/1-Gallon Compressor Combo Kit”

  1. Firoza says:

    I’ve owned several clseodrs kits/tools over the last couple of decades. My needs have changed as I’ve grown in projects, and my old cheap black and decker sets have long since been replaced by Dewalts. I’ve had the Dewalt 18V kits for several years and I’ve been very happy with them. They last through most small jobs with one charge. They are solid, beefy, and have plenty of power, but are also pretty heavy. I nearly converted over to the Li-ion packs, but the price always kept me from it. Then came the 12v max line, I thought they were perfect for nearly every small job and home use. They are light, solid, and have surprising power in a compact size. The charge they hold may not last the entire project, but the packs are so cheap you can buy a couple extra to finish up (and not break your wallet).Well now we have the 20v Max line. To be honest, if I didn’t need to buy some new 18v packs, I wouldn’t have even considered getting these. But I did, and I’m not disappointed. They all have the same solid, beefy Dewalt design, but now they are light and compact as well. They appear to be nearly as small/compact as the 12v max tools. And these tools hold a charge for much longer than their 12v cousins. (Sorry, I haven’t done a comparison test on how long they all last, 12 vs 18 vs 20).The new Impact driver is equal to the 18v version but lighter. Function and size seem nearly the same, but the 20v is slightly smaller and a good bit lighter.The new compact drill is not as small as the 12v version, but is slightly smaller than the 18v compact. power/speed seem to be equal to the 18v and better than the 12v, as you would expect.Charging seems much faster (about 30min or so, but don’t hold me to it as I didn’t discharge the pack fully).Even the case is great, since I’m always using the impact and drill they go with me everywhere and take the most abuse, the hard case is a welcome change, than the soft bags of before.In summary, I’d recommend this set if you are new or moving up from the inexpensive (and usually low quality) brands. If you’re already heavy into the old 18v stuff, I wouldn’t bother with a switch until you have to replace them. In all fairness, I have not had much experience with other brands kits (some Milwaulkee, a Bosch, and a Makita) I’m sure they are all great sets, but I was already using Dewalt so I stuck with them.

  2. Borislava says:

    First of all, Cost/Price here in the US as well as globally, is devirn by demand. Brand Names as Icons, become favorites, in some measure because of Hype, and certainly experience through how a brand performs and how long it lasts. The other answers here are valid, certainly, but many components of Brand items, are also manufactured or assembled in Asian countries. With no offense to American made (I am), We would be in a slightly lower level of technological evolution, were it not for certain Asian nations. One answer offered a clue,,,Quality. The Chinese aren’t strictly to blame, and mass production occurs in every industrial society, but more importantly, Quality Control is lacking in some Asian markets. Then WE in this country are at a disadvantage when the Chicago 18 V cordless stops working. We aren’t totally without blame however. The planets population is, in general, a throw away society My Chicago now rests at the bottom of my lake. I just answered a similar Q within a couple of days ago. I once worked for a defense contractor, as a buyer for hardware and software, for a night sight device on helicopters. I was shopping the components and happend to return to one major supplier in Japan. I sent an inquiry, stating that my company, and the Govt. demanded no less than a 94% success rate. The company responded,,, Certainly we can fill your contract, on time, at your budgeted cost, but we have a question. What should be do to create the 6% failure rate you suggest? Steven Wolf


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